Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leyendecker Book

I wish I had more money to spend on art books, there are a lot that I pass up that I wish I could buy. This is a Leyendecker book I bought a few weeks back, really nice, great prints, high quality, some of the best reproductions of his work I have seen. If you have an extra $40 it is worth the purchase.

Painting update: I have 13 of about 20 paintings done for my May show in Portland. I sent 2 paintings down to Wells Gallery in Charleston this week. Looks like I may be having another show at Wells Gallery with Evan Harrington in Charleston late this summer, which will be awesome. Our show together last year was a lot of fun, he is a really young guy, still finishing up school, doing amazing traditional work. Also, on another front, I am trying to figure out what to paint for an invitational in Tulsa this summer called "Masters of Influence" put on by the Lovetts Gallery. They pick a famous artist each year and ask artists to create a piece based on, or inspired by, the chosen artist. This year they chose Frank Lloyd Wright, which will be fun because he is an interesting character himself, I am a fan of his architectural work, his sketches are great...there are a lot of ideas to pull from!


Erica said...

can we get a sneak peak of the work for the portland show? looking forward to seeing your pieces @ wells come summer.

mark bailey said...

Yeah, I can try and get some stuff up from the show. I may wait just a bit longer, still trying to decide what's going and what's not.
Thanks for the post, say hey to Kevin for me!