Thursday, February 4, 2010

All Ten Plagues

Although this is mostly a blog of painting work, I also do illustration and design. I appreciate all three very much, and am continually inspired by artists in all these fields. In my work the three have remained very different and separate, and over the past few years I have tried to come up with ways to meld them all, but have kind of let them remain separated. I guess they all show up in one another in subtle ways. I was cleaning up some computer files and came across these illustrations. A year or two ago I had a job to illustrate the ten plagues of Egypt. At one point I had posted a few on here. Since then I have had a few people ask me to see them in their entirety, so here they are. As a whole I am pretty happy with them given the constraints of the project, one of which was a ridiculously short timeline. Coming up with fresh and individual ideas quickly for ten very dramatic scenes is tough, especially differentiating between flies, gnats, and locusts. I took a lot of shortcuts, and definitely like a few better than others. They were intended to be in a storybook style, almost children's book illustration, with a simplified "cutout" feel.


sarah collins said...

These all turned out awesome...beautifully horrifying. I will never think of the plagues the same again.

Sara said...

amazing....wish i could get them in a children's storybook format.

Sara said...
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