Monday, June 27, 2011

Silent Witness (Experimental Series)

I did these little portraits a couple months ago, experimenting with some different approaches and techniques. I painted all of them simultaneously so that they would have some cohesion, and if something was going right I could carry that to the next one, if something was going wrong I did not have a lot of time and energy invested in any one as an individual. Each one is done on a little 8" x 8" board, I wanted to work pretty small and fairly quick to keep things fresh and spontaneous. Some are better than others, and a few effects came out kind of cool, others not so much...but I wanted to display all 15 in all their separate failure and success instead of editing down to the ones I like. It is really nice to step back and try something a bit different, it may not end up being your best or favorite piece, but what is learned in the process is so incredibly valuable.

They are currently at Gallery 903 in Portland.