Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Update

Man, time flies, half of the year gone already! Quite a lot has happened over the past month, here is the latest.

I am still working towards my August show at Wells Gallery in Charleston with Philadelphia artist Evan Harrington. I have now settled on 10 pieces for the show, 8 are done, and 2 are in process. This show is meant to be work that is a bit different than what people are used to seeing from Evan and I. I will still have some of the interiors people tend to gravitate towards, but I will also have a touch of landscape work, still life, and some rather experimental stuff...but do not be afraid, it will not be TOO far removed from my previous work. I am pretty excited for this one, and the buzz is just now starting to grow as the Aug. 6th opening approaches. The painting on this post will be 1 of the 10, it has been titled "Everett" and measures 30" x 24".

In a bit of bad(?) news I have officially removed my work from the Lawrence Gallery here in Oregon. I won't go into it here, but I will say that I am sleeping just a bit better now. I am currently looking at new representation in the area, as I believe it is important to have a presence in your local art community. I will post more on that when I have figured out where to land.

Lastly, I have received word that I am one of the young artists chosen to be in the 2010 Southwest Art Magazine "21 Under 31" feature. I am not yet sure which painting will be featured, nor if I placed, but we will all know when the Sept. issue lands.


kelijeandesign said...

blog looks great... I look forward to more consistent updates... and the paintings look excellent for the Aug. 6th show - Keli Tolley

erica said...

congrats on the art magazine award -- sorry you had to go through the bad to get to the good. am sure you'll land someplace great out west. looking forward to seeing your work in CHS this fall!

mark bailey said...

Thanks...looking forward to the show down there and seeing the paintings again in person all framed up!