Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stephen Hayes = Awesome

I am hammering away at about a painting a week right now to get ready for a one-man show this May/June in Portland Oregon. I hope to have 25 paintings at the show with a few trickling into the galleries leading up to that. I have not decided yet when to start posting the work here or on my site, but when I get time I will try and get some up. I am looking at doing a mix of urban interior stuff, cityscape stuff, and some portrait work. I feel like the paint has been a bit more expressive and confident in the pieces thus far, I am excited to get them out there.

In the meantime, here is another guy that I like to keep an eye on, Stephen Hayes. I fell in love with his work in 2003 when I first saw it in Portland at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. A lot of his stuff is pretty large, 5'+, this one I think is 40"x40". If I ever break some of my barriers and get past some artistic and mental blocks I hope to approach my work this fresh one day.

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