Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is a painting I finished this week for some very dear friends of mine. I titled it "Concorde" and It measures 30" x 30". I like painting for friends, family, or people I know, but it is FAR more stressful than painting for myself or galleries. I guess I just want to make sure they really like it, and that it meets all their expectations. Plus I know I will see them and the painting again, so I have to try my best. This way I don't hate it in a couple years when I see it, rip it off their wall, and attempt to re-work it. I am sure most artists would understand that feeling or urge. I had a string of commissions and paintings for friends to get done, that was the last one scheduled, back to painting for the galleries.

A bit of sounds like I may have a one-man show scheduled for mid 2010. I will post more on that later when I have final word.


Bob and PJ Evans said...

Keep writing, please. We are big fans and own Chimney Park and love it. We hear the glasses tinkling and the smell of warm bread, it's so full of life. We're saving for another! You are one very talented guy and we wish you great success - because you deserve it - and because we invested in you!

mark bailey said...

Thank You!