Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Resuscitation

So, I am hoping to bring this thing back to life a bit. I am not sure anyone is even looking at this anymore. But if you are, awesome, thanks! I am not really sure what it will become, mostly painting work I would guess, since that is what I am working on the most. However, some drawing, design, process work, illustration, or other artist's work I appreciate, may appear now and again.

I must have an image for a post, so here is a shot of a painting I did for Intrinsic Design to display in their 937 Condo space for Portland's 2009 Street of Dreams. It may have been the most fun I have had painting in awhile. It allowed me to work larger than I have in the last couple years, and loosen up on some slightly different subject matter than most are used to seeing from me.

This painting will be hanging at the 937 Condos for the next year. If no one buys it directly from me it will make its way to one of the galleries I suppose.

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